Around The Homestead Grandma Style

While I have been quiet on here this week, it has been busy around the homestead.

We started our week going strawberry picking.

Beechwood Farms, SC

Our middle grandson and my son and his fiance were up for the holiday weekend.

Then my grandson stayed for the week and has been quite the helper.

We harvested vegetables at one of the community gardens, went to the library, inspected Pop Pops work on the house, helped collect eggs, and give the chickens treats, read stories under a tree at the Farmers Market and enjoyed a little ice cream.

Harvest from Childs Haven Garden
Having some fun after taking care of the chickens.
Eli taking Velma for a drive.
Storytime at the Farmers Market while grandma runs television booth.
Some ice cream after a long day of helping.

How was your week on your homestead?

Homestead Build Update 5/25/2023

Homestead Farmhouse Update from Shane:

” HUGE progress has been accomplished in the past two weeks! Finally got all of the water lines completed, and water turned back on. Completed all of the new drain lines and reconnected to the septic tank. We had a company come out to open and inspect the septic tanks (yes, there are two), and they passed muster with flying colors! That was a big relief! I was able to finally trench and pour a new foundation footing at the back of the house, that had been compromised by the previous owners, who decided to just blow out cinder blocks for drain and plumbing work, and then just leave it a mess. I was then able to install new cinder blocks to complete the foundation repair. Not gonna lie, that project kinda sucked, but I made it through with just a pinch of cursing. Next up, we got all of the new roof gutters installed today, and they turned out great! I was also able to accomplish a plethora of other small tasks too, including, but not limited to, running the new electrical circuit for the stove. Next up, I continue to prepare for the day that I can put the subflooring back in the kitchen. Over the next week, I’ll run the new gas line for the stove, install a moisture barrier down on the ground under the kitchen, do some floor joist blocking, take one final look at everything, to make sure all is well, and get at putting the flooring back down, and hopefully, God willing, I’ll never, ever, have to deal with ANYTHING under the kitchen ever again! Shwew. Sounds easy…”

Give Away 5/26/2023

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Volunteering With Greenville Garden Givers

Changing Your Mind Ministries
Community Garden and Donations

One of our missions here at Coffee Peace N Homesteadin and Peaceful Blends Skincare is to be a blessing to our community.

I am honored to be a part of the Greenville Garden Givers. We maintain community gardens that provide food and access to gardening experiences. I volunteer regularly in 2 of our 10 gardens.

We also work with a local food program. We harvest food from our gardens and take donations to purchase items for them to give grocery bags to those in need.

This is a cause very close to my heart.

I was a kid in these lines very often as a child. I do not remember having access to fresh vegetables. It is such a blessing to be able to learn to garden, to help grow food, and to provide healthy, fresh food to those in need.

We even have a florist that donates flowers. She believes every table deserves fresh flowers while enjoying a beautiful meal.

We are making a commitment that a donation from each sale of Peaceful Blends Skincare will go to benefit our community and our world at large.

Stay tuned for updates on projects we will be partnering with.

Monday Mindset 5/15/2023

Everything begins with us. With our mindset, with our energy. No matter how big or small our dreams and goals are.

You may want to learn to make bread, or plant a garden. Become a parent. Start a business, become a millionaire.

It all starts with your belief that you can get there.

Then you can study, learn, practice, put the work in. But, without that first seed of belief that we can do it, the journey never begins.

You’re halfway there, keep going.

Comfrey Salve Review

Reviews like this make me so happy. My passion is to help people with natural, plant based products.
Every time I learn that one of our products helped someone heal and feel good in their skin, I feel truly blessed to be able to share my love of natural healing with others.

Bible Verse Sunday 5/7/2023

This weekend, I spent time in the Cottage Garden getting more flowers and herbs into the ground, pulled more weeds, and have a couple more beds to prep.

Tomorrow, I head down to the new vegetable garden to create beds to seed. Then I will direct sow and plant some starts.

As I spend time in the dirt, I feel a deeper connection to this little piece of land we have been blessed to cultivate. As every Gardner knows, we can make all the soil amendments, do all the research, and in the end, it is in nature and God’s plan.

So, as I water and tend to these baby plants, it is God that truly sows our heart and allows us to grow. My garden is my church.

What is God watering in you?

Love You A Latte Gift Box

The perfect for your coffee loving momma. Our Love You A Latte Gift Box. Includes our Coffee Love Face Balm, Coffee Butter Hand and Body Butter, and Coffee Lip Balm. Gift wrapped and ready for her to enjoy on her special day. Use code MothersDay for free shipping!

Love You A Latte Gift Box
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Slater-Marietta Farmers Market 5/5/2023

Great kick-off for the Slater-Marietta Farmers Market Season. We introduced our hair serum and deodorant, and Shane won a salsa competition. If you are local to Upstate SC, come see us the First Friday of each month through September.

Coffee Infused Hair Serum
Eucalyptus Rosemary Deodorant

Myth And Facts About Using Oils In Skincare

Fact: Not all oils are created equal. That is why we use organic, cold pressed oils to cold-infuse our oils to maximize the benefits for your skin.

Oils contain antioxidants, are rich in vitamin E, and medium chain fatty acids which makes them both hydrating to skin and helps reduce lines and wrinkles.
Antioxidants also calm redness and increases collagen.

They are anti-inflammatory, so they have the ability to reduce inflammation and puffiness. They provide a protective barrier that helps protect from free radicals, which causes skin to age.

Oils are also antimicrobial, which makes them good for cleaning skin and promoting healing from acne and small wounds.

What is bad for skin? Products full of chemicals that are absorbed into your body.

Checkout our Peaceful Blends Skincare Line full of healing, hydrating oils like olive, coconut, grapeseed, avocado, jojoba, argan and castor.