Healing Salves And Butters Coming Soon

Now that Christmas is over I can share a project I have been working on and am so excited to see where it goes.

I have always been interested in learning about herbs and there medicinal properties.

Once were on the homestead I was able to start growing several varieties.

I am now taking a Master Herbalism Class and after an amazing session with Legacy Home and Garden at Farm Where You Live to learn how to make healing salves, I have been busy making my own salves and butters for special people in my life to help with specific needs.

I also did a special lip balm for my granddaughter, and I am so happy she has edible lip balm free of toxins.

The RV we lived in when we first moved here is now my little workshop until my She-Shed/Apothecary is done.

I am now perfecting recipes, partnering with a local coffee roaster and a honey farm to have the best quality, local and sustainable ingredients possible.

Stay tuned……

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