Homestead Build Update 2/21/2023

Homestead Farm House Update: Where to begin? Somedays, I feel like I’m burning more of this house than I’m saving. But I look at it and realize that I’m really not. Most of it is still intact in all of its glory. Renovating an approximately 100 year old farm house that’s had many, many, many years of neglect and deferred maintenance, does not come without its moments. This little house has made me bleed my own blood several times. It is very stubborn and somewhat cantankerous at times. When it bites me, I pull out a bigger hammer, sometimes a bigger saw to put its attitude back in check. I’m making progress, albeit slowly at times. This week has seen 5 new windows moved, framed, and installed. A new front door has been widened and installed, but only after repairing a good section of flooring, sill, and rim joist due to ancient termite damage. A window has been removed and plugged up too. Soooooo much work! But I WILL make this little farmhouse our beautiful and very strong, forever home. Keep. Pushing. Forward. Always. Dreams only come true if you work hard to make them your reality.

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