Homestead Build Update 4/3/2023

Homestead Farmhouse Update from Shane:

” We’re making progress! These past few months have been working on the tedious stuff. But we’re getting closer to getting out of the low speed buoyies, and in to open water, where we’ll be able to get some speed! I’ve been working on getting the plumbing installed, as well as a few other side projects along the way. I built a small “house” for the post office so we can use it for shipping out product for Michelle’s business I put it on top of a post used for a new hose bib outside of the garage, so now I can also wash the cars more conveniently. Two fold project. I’ve also been running all of the new plumbing inside the house, and managed to get the water heater plumbing and rear of the house hose bib installed, which will also supply water to the new lower garden. Along the way, I started building the new dog pen, and Michelle and I got the new lower garden fence posts in. Today, I finally got the new water main completed, so we’re super close to being finished with the plumbing! Stay tuned if you dare! BIG progress is happening!”

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