Myth And Facts About Using Oils In Skincare

Fact: Not all oils are created equal. That is why we use organic, cold pressed oils to cold-infuse our oils to maximize the benefits for your skin.

Oils contain antioxidants, are rich in vitamin E, and medium chain fatty acids which makes them both hydrating to skin and helps reduce lines and wrinkles.
Antioxidants also calm redness and increases collagen.

They are anti-inflammatory, so they have the ability to reduce inflammation and puffiness. They provide a protective barrier that helps protect from free radicals, which causes skin to age.

Oils are also antimicrobial, which makes them good for cleaning skin and promoting healing from acne and small wounds.

What is bad for skin? Products full of chemicals that are absorbed into your body.

Checkout our Peaceful Blends Skincare Line full of healing, hydrating oils like olive, coconut, grapeseed, avocado, jojoba, argan and castor.

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