Hi, we are Shane and Michelle from Hillbent Homestead and welcome to  Coffee Peace N Homesteadin, where I blog about our adventures learning to homestead.

We both grew up in the city, moved to the suburbs to raise our kids and now live on a 2 acre homestead in South Carolina.

We  moved across the country to embrace a peaceful, slow living lifestyle and are learning and building our homestead from the ground up. Our adventure here has included living in an RV while we renovated a badly neglected mobile home and currently saving the small farm house that will become our forever home.  Together we are learning to garden, raise chickens and be overall more self sustainable.

This has also helped us in being more intentional and connected to nature in our daily life. I have always had a passion for cooking and working with herbs. Gardening has allowed me to connect on a deeper level. I believe plants and food have the power to heal not just our bodies, but mind and soul as well. Which has lead me to create my own skincare line.

Shane is extremely talented at construction and is not only building and saving the homes on our property, but also building animal habitats, garden fences and a number of projects to bring this land back to life.

We hope our journey will inspire others to follow their dreams, build a life they love and take a chance no matter how big or small it is. So grab a cup of coffee and share in our adventure.

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