Workout Wednesday Tip

Workout Wednesday Tip!

Break your Circuit Workout into 3 segments.
Do 15 minutes in the morning, 15 at lunch and 15 in the evening. Pick 3 strength based moves and a cardio or burn out move for each circuit. Full Workout done by the end of the day. Then treat your self to a nice stretch session or foam roll.

Schedule for Week of July 26th

Happy Sunday!

Schedule for the week:

10:30 am Dance Fit Gold FRC
12:15pm Lunchtime Express Cycle FRC

8am Cardio Drumming FRC

8am Cardio Drumming FRC

9am Dance Fit Gold Zoom
10:30am Fit and Fifty TRC
12:15pm Lunchtime Express Cycle FRC

FRC- Freestone Rec Center
TRC- Tumbleweed Recreation Center

Last week of all Summer Registration Based classes.  DM for recital times.

Dance Into Your Week

Who says Monday Workouts can’t be fun!! Start your week dancing! Benefits of dancing include improved cardiovascular health, improved strength and balance, boosts cognitive performance,  stronger bones to offset osteoporosis, and improves your mood.

Join me Mondays for Dance Fit Gold live at Freestone Recreation Center in Gilbert, AZ 10:30 am and Friday virtual on Zoom at 9am.

Spring Session Classes 2021

Spring Session Classes

March 15th-May 14th

Register for classes here:

Gilbert, AZ Residents get 50% off the cost of the session.


Outdoor Sing and Play on the Lawn 1 1/2-4yrs #23541 Mondays 9:30am FRC

Music and Movement #23651 2-3yrs Tuesdays 10:30am McQueen

Preschool Learning and Arts Classes:

Storybook Arts & Crafts 3-5yrs old #23653 Wednesdays 9am McQueen

Adventure Tots 2-3yrs old #23663 Wed & Thur 10:05am McQueen (Full-Waitlist Only)

Ballet and Dance Fit Kids:

Ballet & Play 3-7yrs old Tuesdays 11:45am McQueen

Ballet & Play 3-6yrs #23773 Wednesdays 1:00pm GCC

Fairytale Ballet 3-7yrs old #23657 Thursdays 2:15pm McQueen

Dance Fit Kids 4-8yrs #23754 Wednesdays 2:15pm GCC

Dance Fit Kids 8-13yrs #23745 Wednesdays 4:45pm GCC

Gymnastics and Active Play:

Head Over Heels Gymnastics 3-6yrs #23668 Tuesdays 12:45pm McQueen

Head Over Heels Gymnastics 3-7yrs #23669 Thursdays 3:30pm MQueen

Gymnastics 101 6-13yrs #23678 Thursdays 4:30pm MQueen (Full-Waiting List Only)

Active Play 3-7yrs #23670 Thursdays 1:15pm McQueen

Adult Classes:

Primetime Fitness #23706 Wednesdays 12:00pm GCC

Dance Fit Gold- Outdoors #23707 Fridays 8am GCC (Starts April 2nd)

Adaptive Classes:

Beginning Weight Training #23723 Mondays 3pm GCC

Dance Fit #23712 Mondays 4:30pm GCC

Dance Fit #23094 Wednesdays 3:15pm GCC

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mini Band Workout

Happy Thursday!

Started my day teaching Cardio Drumming. Came home and did a mini band resistance class. Here is a quick effective workout for you to add on to your workout or to squeeze in if your short on time. Do all 3 rounds one side, then switch sides. Do 3-5 sets on each side.

Round 1:

Staggered Squat with Back Leg Raise and Bow & Arrow Pull (12)

Bow and Arrow Pull (15)

Round 2:

Squat, Tap Out, Calf Raise with Chest Squeeze (12)

Lat Pull Downs (15)

Round 3:

Squat Side Walks with Serving Platters plus double pulse (12)

Tricep Extension with OH Pull (15)