Volunteering With Greenville Garden Givers

Changing Your Mind Ministries
Community Garden and Donations

One of our missions here at Coffee Peace N Homesteadin and Peaceful Blends Skincare is to be a blessing to our community.

I am honored to be a part of the Greenville Garden Givers. We maintain community gardens that provide food and access to gardening experiences. I volunteer regularly in 2 of our 10 gardens.

We also work with a local food program. We harvest food from our gardens and take donations to purchase items for them to give grocery bags to those in need.

This is a cause very close to my heart.

I was a kid in these lines very often as a child. I do not remember having access to fresh vegetables. It is such a blessing to be able to learn to garden, to help grow food, and to provide healthy, fresh food to those in need.

We even have a florist that donates flowers. She believes every table deserves fresh flowers while enjoying a beautiful meal.

We are making a commitment that a donation from each sale of Peaceful Blends Skincare will go to benefit our community and our world at large.

Stay tuned for updates on projects we will be partnering with.

Monday Mindset 4/25/2023

Monday Mindset

One of the challenges I have found in homesteading  is that it is easy to get caught up in the chores and busyness of the day and
neglecting the things that bring balance to our lives.

It seems every time I get a workout routine started, inevitably, a day pops up that I don’t make time, and then days go by before I get back on track. As a former fitness instructor, this is a big shift for me , not having people depending on me to keep me accountable.

Also, being so excited to learn all the things, most of my reading is about gardening or raising animals. When I am not doing that, we are watching YouTube University, as we like to call it, to learn more things.

I feel blessed to be living a life I am so passionate about, but without balance, that is when burn-out happens.

For me, this week, I am going to find balance by making time to move my body in a way that energizes me for the day.

Where do you need to strike balance right now?

Bible Verse Sunday 4/25/2023

Bible Verse Sunday

Happy Sunday. I hope you all get to slow down and enjoy some time for you.

I have had a couple of  busy days, and today left me emotionally depleted.

While I love this life and adventure we have chosen,  it is not always easy. There are hard choices to make, losses to navigate through, friends and family far away to miss.

This verse always brings me comfort and I hope it speaks to your heart as well.

What is a verse or quote that lifts you up?

Farm Where You Live 4/15/2023

I was so excited to see my mentor Rochelle from Legacy Home and Garden. She was so encouraging and supportive.

I also saw some friends from Hungry and Homesteading, Living The Hight Life, Front Yard Foods, Urban Homestead-Her, and Rangling The Rutherfords. The table next to me was a young entrepreneur from the Rutherford Family, Bold Faith Bakery. She spoke on starting a business and sold out of goodies by the afternoon. I was very impressed with how well-spoken, polite, and mature she was.

My 10 Herbs You Should Grow workshop received positive feedback, and it was so wonderful to meet so many people planning or just starting their homesteads.. I am looking forward to the September event and am honored to be offering another workshop.

Hope to see you there.

Bible Verse Sunday 4/16/2023

I was listening to a lecture from Barbara O’Neil this morning, and she shared this verse in relation to our health and eating for our health.

God calls on us to test things, to keep what is good, and turn from what doesn’t.

This should encourage us that if something in our life; physical, mental, relationships, or career, is not a place of peace and fulfillment, try something new.

Life is about continuing to explore, try new things, and keep learning and growing. Keep the good close to your heart, let go of what doesn’t work, and show gratitude and thanks for all the lessons. Have a blessed Sunday.

Monday Mindset 4/3/2023

Shane and I have been talking a lot lately about our decision to move across the country. Did we make the right choice? Did we do the right thing?

We miss friends, we miss family, we miss the home we worked on for 10 years and finally had the way we wanted.

As everything begins to bloom again, we are reminded of the beauty that inspired us to move here.

Shane’s hard work on the farmhouse renovation is making tremendous progress and we can both envision holidays, celebrations and many beautiful memories to come in a home that has truly been built with love.

I am clearing garden beds, starting seeds and getting some plant starts into the soil. Another garden season is beginning. I am also busy working on the skincare line. Perfecting formulas, creating new products, deepening my knowledge of the ingredients I use and want to incorporate. Also, making spreadsheets, learning about marketing and all the essential but not always fun parts of running a successful business.

Change pushes us out of our comfort zones, even positive change. A seed has to set roots and then push it’s way through the dirt and break through so the sun can shine down on the new little plant.

As we build and grow in this new season of our life, I do believe we are setting strong roots. For our marriage, for our family and for us as individuals.

Having a clear vision and a shared dream of building this homestead has provided a deeper connection to each other and the roots of our marriage are stronger than ever.

Change is a gift to help us grow. All we need to do is look to nature, to know it is true.

Mindset Monday 3/27/2023

Mindset Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday!!

You asked for it, and Monday Mindset is back.

This week’s mindset is inspired by one of my bonus kids.
She is a new mom, and those of us that have had babies know the transition of caring for another human, recovering physically and mentally from labor, and the lack of sleep creates a cocktail of self-doubt.
What advice would you give her?
When is a time you needed to change your self-talk?
Is this an area you need help and support in?
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s talk about it

Healing Salves And Butters Coming Soon

Now that Christmas is over I can share a project I have been working on and am so excited to see where it goes.

I have always been interested in learning about herbs and there medicinal properties.

Once were on the homestead I was able to start growing several varieties.

I am now taking a Master Herbalism Class and after an amazing session with Legacy Home and Garden at Farm Where You Live to learn how to make healing salves, I have been busy making my own salves and butters for special people in my life to help with specific needs.

I also did a special lip balm for my granddaughter, and I am so happy she has edible lip balm free of toxins.

The RV we lived in when we first moved here is now my little workshop until my She-Shed/Apothecary is done.

I am now perfecting recipes, partnering with a local coffee roaster and a honey farm to have the best quality, local and sustainable ingredients possible.

Stay tuned……

Party Of 12 Down To 10

The hardest part of homesteading is when you lose your animals to predators. Unfortunately, we lost our 2nd chicken to our rescue dog that we are training to protect them. I came home to find Ursula in the yard. She was our trouble maker and last one in each night, the girls were quite upset tonight. Tomorrow we add overhead netting to out smart the ladies from getting out.

New Look And Learning To Live On Nature’s Timing

Hello all and Happy Thursday!!
I am so excited to share the new logo with you all!! I want to thank you all as you have hung with me as this page and the blog has evolved and grown. The past 10 months have been a lesson in learning to slow down, enjoying the process of learning and creating, Whether it has been learning to garden, cooking and baking from scratch, raising animals, remodeling the homestead, it all happens at the pace of nature. In it’s own time. I feel like the passions and lessons from the last few years here are coming together. As we close out the year and head into a new one, I hope the fresh perspective and outlook I have gained and will be sharing here will be valuable to as well. Wishing you all a peaceful and beautiful day.

Sunday In The Kitchen

Spending Sunday in the kitchen. Canning beans, making dog food, infusing oil with herbs for salve. While it looks messy, my heart is at peace. I am finding joy in slowing down and providing for my family in a way that is healthier, sustainable. I am learning skills to pass down to my kids and grandkids. God is truly blessing me in this stage of life and I am grateful.  What is bringing you joy and gratitude in your life now.