Homestead Build Update 4/3/2023

Homestead Farmhouse Update from Shane:

” We’re making progress! These past few months have been working on the tedious stuff. But we’re getting closer to getting out of the low speed buoyies, and in to open water, where we’ll be able to get some speed! I’ve been working on getting the plumbing installed, as well as a few other side projects along the way. I built a small “house” for the post office so we can use it for shipping out product for Michelle’s business I put it on top of a post used for a new hose bib outside of the garage, so now I can also wash the cars more conveniently. Two fold project. I’ve also been running all of the new plumbing inside the house, and managed to get the water heater plumbing and rear of the house hose bib installed, which will also supply water to the new lower garden. Along the way, I started building the new dog pen, and Michelle and I got the new lower garden fence posts in. Today, I finally got the new water main completed, so we’re super close to being finished with the plumbing! Stay tuned if you dare! BIG progress is happening!”

Fresh Thyme And Mint

Harvested some fresh mint and thyme from my garden, and now have a big batch in my herb dryer. Once they are dry, they will go into organic oil and sit for 6-8 weeks, then get handpressed for our Peaceful Skincare Line. Thyme oil is our Baby Balm, and mint oil is in our Coffee Love Face Balm. I will also be adding mint lip balm soon.

Friday Favorites 4/28/2023

After a busy day prepping a new garden area on the homestead, I pampered myself with my new favorite farmers market finds. We have the posts up, the cattle panel trellises, and the entry gate.

I was a dirty mess, to say the least, at the end of the day.

I tried out my new shampoo bar from Adiya-God’s Treasure made with beef tallow. It actually foamed, which is so rare for natural hair care.

I then used my favorite new exfoliating bar from Simply.gant which makes me feel refreshed every time I use it.

Followed up with my own coffee infused line, hair serum, face balm,  lotion bar, and deodorant.

It is so nice to know that as I clean the day away and pamper my skin, I am not using any toxic chemicals, and I am being nourished from the outside in.

Monday Mindset 4/25/2023

Monday Mindset

One of the challenges I have found in homesteading  is that it is easy to get caught up in the chores and busyness of the day and
neglecting the things that bring balance to our lives.

It seems every time I get a workout routine started, inevitably, a day pops up that I don’t make time, and then days go by before I get back on track. As a former fitness instructor, this is a big shift for me , not having people depending on me to keep me accountable.

Also, being so excited to learn all the things, most of my reading is about gardening or raising animals. When I am not doing that, we are watching YouTube University, as we like to call it, to learn more things.

I feel blessed to be living a life I am so passionate about, but without balance, that is when burn-out happens.

For me, this week, I am going to find balance by making time to move my body in a way that energizes me for the day.

Where do you need to strike balance right now?

Bible Verse Sunday 4/25/2023

Bible Verse Sunday

Happy Sunday. I hope you all get to slow down and enjoy some time for you.

I have had a couple of  busy days, and today left me emotionally depleted.

While I love this life and adventure we have chosen,  it is not always easy. There are hard choices to make, losses to navigate through, friends and family far away to miss.

This verse always brings me comfort and I hope it speaks to your heart as well.

What is a verse or quote that lifts you up?

Bone Broth Benefits

Wellness Wednesday

Made a batch of bone broth yesterday from beef neck bones in the instapot. I had a cup with breakfast which was poached eggs over kale from the garden and some bacon. It was delicious.

Today, I am stripping down a chicken to make another batch.

High in nutrients and collagen, I will be drinking some with each meal to help with the inflammation in my thumb and to support my joints.

Do you make bone broth? What go to recipe do you make when your body needs some extra support?

Farm Where You Live 4/15/2023

I was so excited to see my mentor Rochelle from Legacy Home and Garden. She was so encouraging and supportive.

I also saw some friends from Hungry and Homesteading, Living The Hight Life, Front Yard Foods, Urban Homestead-Her, and Rangling The Rutherfords. The table next to me was a young entrepreneur from the Rutherford Family, Bold Faith Bakery. She spoke on starting a business and sold out of goodies by the afternoon. I was very impressed with how well-spoken, polite, and mature she was.

My 10 Herbs You Should Grow workshop received positive feedback, and it was so wonderful to meet so many people planning or just starting their homesteads.. I am looking forward to the September event and am honored to be offering another workshop.

Hope to see you there.

Bible Verse Sunday 4/16/2023

I was listening to a lecture from Barbara O’Neil this morning, and she shared this verse in relation to our health and eating for our health.

God calls on us to test things, to keep what is good, and turn from what doesn’t.

This should encourage us that if something in our life; physical, mental, relationships, or career, is not a place of peace and fulfillment, try something new.

Life is about continuing to explore, try new things, and keep learning and growing. Keep the good close to your heart, let go of what doesn’t work, and show gratitude and thanks for all the lessons. Have a blessed Sunday.