Banded Leg Workout

You will do each round, 3 times, increasing reps, with no break. Then 20 sec break between rounds.

Round 1 : 10 Squats, 8 lunges ea. leg. 15 Squats, 10 lunges – 20 Squats, 12 lunges

Round 2 : 16 Side leg lift, 16 Rear leg lift. Stay on same leg – 20 Side 20 Rear- 24 Side 24 Rear. Repeat on other leg.

Round 3 : 16 Plies, 12 Releves- 20 Plies, Pulse Plie 30 seconds- 24 Plies, 1 min Pulse Plie

Round 4 : 16 Front Leg Lift, 16 Single Leg “Deadlift” Stay on same leg. 20 Lift and Deadlift- 24 Lift and Deadlift. Repeat on other leg.

Squat To Curtsey Lunge

Today’s Move Of The Day is a Squat to Curtsey Lunge. You can do it with TRX Bands, Dumbbells or a Loop. Make sure your weight is in your heels and sink glutes back in your squat. For the Curtsey Lunge step the back leg back far enough that when come down the front knee stays behind the toes and knee is lined up with the ankle. Great addition to your leg day routine.