Bible Verse Sunday 5/7/2023

This weekend, I spent time in the Cottage Garden getting more flowers and herbs into the ground, pulled more weeds, and have a couple more beds to prep.

Tomorrow, I head down to the new vegetable garden to create beds to seed. Then I will direct sow and plant some starts.

As I spend time in the dirt, I feel a deeper connection to this little piece of land we have been blessed to cultivate. As every Gardner knows, we can make all the soil amendments, do all the research, and in the end, it is in nature and God’s plan.

So, as I water and tend to these baby plants, it is God that truly sows our heart and allows us to grow. My garden is my church.

What is God watering in you?

Bible Verse Sunday 4/25/2023

Bible Verse Sunday

Happy Sunday. I hope you all get to slow down and enjoy some time for you.

I have had a couple of  busy days, and today left me emotionally depleted.

While I love this life and adventure we have chosen,  it is not always easy. There are hard choices to make, losses to navigate through, friends and family far away to miss.

This verse always brings me comfort and I hope it speaks to your heart as well.

What is a verse or quote that lifts you up?

Bible Verse Sunday 4/16/2023

I was listening to a lecture from Barbara O’Neil this morning, and she shared this verse in relation to our health and eating for our health.

God calls on us to test things, to keep what is good, and turn from what doesn’t.

This should encourage us that if something in our life; physical, mental, relationships, or career, is not a place of peace and fulfillment, try something new.

Life is about continuing to explore, try new things, and keep learning and growing. Keep the good close to your heart, let go of what doesn’t work, and show gratitude and thanks for all the lessons. Have a blessed Sunday.

Bible Verse Sunday 1/15/2023

Happy Sunday all.

Matthew 6:21 tells us that
Where our treasure is, so is our heart.

As we pursue our dreams and build our lives, we are called to keep our purpose in mind.

Are we building treasure to hide and keep for ourselves? Or are we focused on building abundance to give and bless our families, our communities, and the kingdom of God?

In gardening, you have to amend and tend the soil to produce a bountiful harvest. If we keep throwing out seeds and depleting the earth, eventually no life will grow there.

And so it is with the human heart. If we store all our treasure in earthly pursuits and do not pursue our passions from a place of reverence to how we can be of service, eventually that treasure will lose its shine.

Leading from a place of love, compassion, and kindness, sharing your gifts with others, living in gratitude for the life we have been blessed with, feeds our hearts and souls.

From that place, true love and abundance will shine, earthly abundance will come, and your gifts will be a blessing to all you encounter.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.