Friday Favorites 4/28/2023

After a busy day prepping a new garden area on the homestead, I pampered myself with my new favorite farmers market finds. We have the posts up, the cattle panel trellises, and the entry gate.

I was a dirty mess, to say the least, at the end of the day.

I tried out my new shampoo bar from Adiya-God’s Treasure made with beef tallow. It actually foamed, which is so rare for natural hair care.

I then used my favorite new exfoliating bar from Simply.gant which makes me feel refreshed every time I use it.

Followed up with my own coffee infused line, hair serum, face balm,  lotion bar, and deodorant.

It is so nice to know that as I clean the day away and pamper my skin, I am not using any toxic chemicals, and I am being nourished from the outside in.

Friday Favorites- TJ finds and Lipstain

This week I picked two amazing finds at Trader Joes. First was the Freeze Dried Grape Slices. Impulse buy after a long busy day and stopped for some snacks. So glad I grabbed them. I loved them so much, I had to go back for a second bag! They are literally like delicious little candies with a hint of crunch. Totally recommend for keeping on hand for lumches or a snack when out and about.

The second was Miyoko’s vegan cream cheese. I keep reading how amazing this is but at $5.50 a container I have been reluctant to pick it. I wish I had sooner. Very clean ingredients and very delicious. I used it in mashed potatoes. I did a swipe on a beyond burger, of course on a piece of toast with fresh basil. The options are endless. Highly recommended keeping this gem on hand.

My next fav came in my Ipsy bag last month. It is a lipstain and gloss by the Balm Jour. It goes on as a gloss and leaves behind a very natural looking pink stain. Perfect for wearing when I teach fitness classes and want to look pulled together and naturally fresh, not made-up.

What are your Friday favorites? I would love to hear?