Spring Session Classes 2021

Spring Session Classes

March 15th-May 14th

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Gilbert, AZ Residents get 50% off the cost of the session.


Outdoor Sing and Play on the Lawn 1 1/2-4yrs #23541 Mondays 9:30am FRC

Music and Movement #23651 2-3yrs Tuesdays 10:30am McQueen

Preschool Learning and Arts Classes:

Storybook Arts & Crafts 3-5yrs old #23653 Wednesdays 9am McQueen

Adventure Tots 2-3yrs old #23663 Wed & Thur 10:05am McQueen (Full-Waitlist Only)

Ballet and Dance Fit Kids:

Ballet & Play 3-7yrs old Tuesdays 11:45am McQueen

Ballet & Play 3-6yrs #23773 Wednesdays 1:00pm GCC

Fairytale Ballet 3-7yrs old #23657 Thursdays 2:15pm McQueen

Dance Fit Kids 4-8yrs #23754 Wednesdays 2:15pm GCC

Dance Fit Kids 8-13yrs #23745 Wednesdays 4:45pm GCC

Gymnastics and Active Play:

Head Over Heels Gymnastics 3-6yrs #23668 Tuesdays 12:45pm McQueen

Head Over Heels Gymnastics 3-7yrs #23669 Thursdays 3:30pm MQueen

Gymnastics 101 6-13yrs #23678 Thursdays 4:30pm MQueen (Full-Waiting List Only)

Active Play 3-7yrs #23670 Thursdays 1:15pm McQueen

Adult Classes:

Primetime Fitness #23706 Wednesdays 12:00pm GCC

Dance Fit Gold- Outdoors #23707 Fridays 8am GCC (Starts April 2nd)

Adaptive Classes:

Beginning Weight Training #23723 Mondays 3pm GCC

Dance Fit #23712 Mondays 4:30pm GCC

Dance Fit #23094 Wednesdays 3:15pm GCC

If you have any questions, please let me know.