Homemade Greek Yogurt

Homemade greek yogurt is so easy to make and tastes amazing! You will never go back to store bought. There are several methods, but my favorite way is to let it sit in the oven for several hours with just the oven light on. The following recipe is from Live Eat Learn and it comes out perfect everytime.

The best part, you only need 2 ingredients!!

Since we do not have a dairy animal at the moment, I went with the best milk available at my local market.

Let’s get started.


4 cups whole milk

1/4 cup plain yogurt

(If using store bought for 1st batch make sure it has active, live cultures. Then keep back a 1/4 cup from each batch to start a new batch).


  • Heat Milk: Place milk in a medium pot and heat to 185-200°F (85-93°C), stirring frequently to preventing a skin from forming.
  • Cool Bath: Transfer the pot with milk to an ice bath (I filled my sink with ice and water), to cool milk to 100-110°F (37-43°C).
  • Temper: Pour ½ cup of the warm milk into a separate clean jar or bowl. Mix in plain yogurt, stirring until yogurt is well blended. Add remaining milk and mix well.
  • Let Sit: Cover jar or bowl with a lid, wrap in a moist, warm towel to keep in heat, and place in oven. Turn on oven light to keep warm, and let the bacteria do its yogurt making magic for 4 to 8 hours (or overnight).*
  • Strain: You can eat the yogurt like this, or strain it to make Greek yogurt. To strain, line a mesh sieve with cheesecloth (or paper towels, coffee filters etc), and pour yogurt in. Place over a large bowl and let strain in the fridge for a few hours (or overnight), until it’s reach a consistency you like.

Recipe from Live Eat Learn

Make sure to keep the whey when you strain it. It is a great source of protein and there are so many amazing uses for it.

I like to store my yogurt in a clean mason jar in the fridge, but any airtight container will do.

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think. What is your favorite way to make yogurt at home?