Mindset Monday 1/23/2023

MIndset Monday

Happy Monday all. I hope you had an incredible weekend.

My focus this week is clarity.

My words for the year are intentional and purpose.

This week, I will be spending time to really focus on clarity.

To live intentionally and purposefully, we need a clear vision of how that looks. It also means looking at the areas in life that maybe “messy”.

For each of us, this might be different. It could be cleaning an area of your house or better organizing your space. Less social media time. More quiet time. More attention to a relationship.

I have really been enjoying my time on my yoga mat and have been feeling really grounded in my daily activities and goals. My nighttime routine is lacking and I am looking forward to using that time to bring some clarity and purpose to the end of day.

What is an area in your life that could use some clarity?

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