Homestead Build Update 5/25/2023

Homestead Farmhouse Update from Shane:

” HUGE progress has been accomplished in the past two weeks! Finally got all of the water lines completed, and water turned back on. Completed all of the new drain lines and reconnected to the septic tank. We had a company come out to open and inspect the septic tanks (yes, there are two), and they passed muster with flying colors! That was a big relief! I was able to finally trench and pour a new foundation footing at the back of the house, that had been compromised by the previous owners, who decided to just blow out cinder blocks for drain and plumbing work, and then just leave it a mess. I was then able to install new cinder blocks to complete the foundation repair. Not gonna lie, that project kinda sucked, but I made it through with just a pinch of cursing. Next up, we got all of the new roof gutters installed today, and they turned out great! I was also able to accomplish a plethora of other small tasks too, including, but not limited to, running the new electrical circuit for the stove. Next up, I continue to prepare for the day that I can put the subflooring back in the kitchen. Over the next week, I’ll run the new gas line for the stove, install a moisture barrier down on the ground under the kitchen, do some floor joist blocking, take one final look at everything, to make sure all is well, and get at putting the flooring back down, and hopefully, God willing, I’ll never, ever, have to deal with ANYTHING under the kitchen ever again! Shwew. Sounds easy…”

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